Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drug/Alcohol Detox Pharmacology

i. Date [ptolemaic]

(concerning methods of visualizing human
dissociative reactions, as well as various ways
of enhancing distraction) this poem is intended
to answer as many questions as it typically fails
to deliver. Generally speaking

ii. Patient's name [archaic]

iii. Name of medication [prosaic]

as an uptake inhibitor, it consists of seven
titled five-line stanzas. These can be read
in any voice whatsoever. Four of the stanzas
use language and syntax, three of them
are invisible. The purely invisible stanzas

iv. Strength of medication [cyrenaic]

v. Dosage [apotropaic]

are the active ingredients of this poem
and contain no information about the psychogenic
functions they depict because it seems
to the committee of pharmacologists through whom
the poem originated that such information might

vi. Route of delivery [faradaic]

vii. Duration [paradisaic]

distract from the affect being delivered.
In all instances, however, this information
can be found in the gist of what is being inferred
(located in an undisclosed location.) At no time
should anything be read into this inference.


  1. Ha! Even with a few words that I still have to look up, this resonates as a "yes" within me.

  2. Jim I enjoy your prose but even more I like your political discourse over at ON THE WING - I'd love it if you would submit something for over there..sorry I do not your email - but as a fellow Minnesotan, I can say your work would have a high likelihood of publication success.

    Michael J. Solender On The Wing

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